About Panorama Management NY:

As a natural step we opened our NY office in 2010. Lene Seessted is the owner and CEO. She is founder and CEO of the Scandinavian company; Panorama Agency.


We have a very broad and strong client list; actors, cinematagraphers, directors, and an international network which allows us to book roles in HBO's 'Game of Thrones', and featue films like Ron Howard's 'Angels & Demons', Sean Penn's 'Into the Wild', Universal Picture's 'The Thing', Will Smith's 'After Earth', Susanne Bier's Oscar winning film 'In a Better World', Ira Sach's 4 times Spirit award nominated feature film 'Keep the Lights On', Constantin Film's '3096' ( the Natsha Kampbush's biography), BBC1's award winning TV series 'Moving On', MGM / Paramount Pic's 'Hercules', 'Fast & Furious6', 'Point Break', Neil Jordan's 'Byzantium' and 'The Borgias'. 

The majority of our clients are fluent in English, and they definitely add a Scandinavian / European touch to the international and American films and TV series. We represent clients, who are mother tongue in German, Norwegian, Turkish, Arabich, Italian, Russian, American.


Our clients resent jobs:

The hugely successful Danish TV series: DR1's 'The Killing', 'Borgen' and 'The legacy', TV2's 'Rita 1+2', 'The Bridge 1-3' and 'Anna Pihl 1-3', and TV3's '2900 Happiness 1-3', Norwegian TV series, 'Norwegian Cozy', 'Eyewitness', 'The Heavy Water War', the award winner 'The Half Brother', 'Aquainted',  'Lilyhammer 1-3', 'DAG 1-3', 12 feature films 'Varg Veum', 'The Price Idiots'. Danish 'Festen' (The Celebration) winner of Cannes´s Jury Prize, Susanne Bier´s internationally acclaimed films (San Sebastian, Golden Globes, 2 Oscar nominations + Oscar and Golden Globe winner), Teddy winner + 4 times Spirit award nominated 'Keep the Lights On'.

Prestigious plays such as ‘Hamlet', ‘Don Juan', ‘Cyrano', ‘The Brothers Karamazow', ‘Crime and Punishment', ‘Romeo & Julie', ‘Angels in America', etc.



Moreover many of our clients are US 01 visa holders, which we sponsor, and some have Green cards.