Bjarne Henriksen

Bjarne Henriksen

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Bjarne Henriksen has been recognized in both tough and comic roles. Due to his macho-style, roles with a primitive nature suite him well. However, he can also show intelligence behind his strength. We know him from a lot of roles, ranging from the helpful massive chef in “The Celebration” to the scary derailed soldier in “The Greatest Heroes” to the soft couch potato in “Let’s Get Lost”.

Recently, Bjarne has appeared in the role as the shopkeeper Budde in “The Art of Crying”, the winner of The Nordic Council Film Prize 2007 and Denmark’s proposal for an international Oscar nomination in 2008. On TV Bjarne has acted as the gangster boss in “The Spider”, the pleasant kitchen chef in “The Hotel”, the criminal in the Swedish TV-series “Medicine Man”, the persistent and tolerant dad, who loses his daughter in “The Crime”. In the latter the portrait of Theis, shows that the tough outer also hides a vulnerability, which Bjarne accomplishes to perfection!

As for theatre he has played in “Snart kommer Tiden” at Dr. Dante and “Snak” at Café Teatret among others.

Bjarne is educated at the National Theater School in Copenhage

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