Mikael Birkkjær

Mikael Birkkjær

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Mikael Birkkjær is one of the most charismatic and popular men of the Danish TV- and theater stage.


He has what that spark that makes women sigh and men admire him and wish they were and had the same. This, combined with a huge talent, has given Mikael many complicated, demanding and great roles.


Mikael had his TV breakthrough as Adam, the son of a doctor, in the hugely popular TV-series "Summer". Mikael, who had said no to numerous parts in TV and film prior to this received a lot of critical acclaim for the part and luckily for the audience he decided to start saying yes a little more. He landed a lead role as  police officer Ulrik Strange in the hugely acclaimed TV-series "The Killing II".


One quick look at his resume will tell you that Mikael has a great love for the theatre, especially The Royal Theatre of Denmark where he has been a permanent actor for more yhan 17 years.


Mikael can also be seen in all three seasons of "Borgen" where he plays the husband of the Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg. 

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