Viktoria Winge

Viktoria Winge

Viktoria Winge is a powerful multitalented artist. Her main focus being acting, rock’n roll.


Some say she was destined to make a name for herself in the acting world as the daughter of renowned Norwegian director Stein Winge and actress Kari Onstad. And she did make a name for herself. Viktoria has starred in a number of high-profile films in her home country Norway.


Others may say, for the same “daughter-off” reason, that she was destined to reble against the world of acting,  And she did that too. Her voice and songwriting beeing raw, authentic,needing to stand uncorrected. Many compare her voice to that of Janis Joplin. Vik has released a number of albums with different bands Discorockers, Babyjaws, Evolution and Vik, Whole Damn Fam, and her current band is called Moviestar.



The path of music, has lead Vik towards film making in her own right. From the need to make music videos. As well as being a highly successful actress, and musician. Vik also has background as as a fashion model with the world renowned Premiere Model Management. Which may be why the “camera love Viktoria Winge” as director Joachim Trier claimed during the filming of Reprise.



In 2004 Vik went to Norway's prestigious acting school Khio. Her talent as an actress was recognised instantly in her debut role in the film Reprise, directed by Joachim Trier, in 2006. This was her all time debut as a professional actress. This led to a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Norwegian film award of the year: The Amanda Film Awards. Following the success of Reprise, Vik has sins starred in numerous movies, short film tv series and theatre production. Some worth mentioning: one of Norway’s first, true to the genre, horror movie Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey), the war film Max Manus, television series Lilyhammer, and Koselig med Peis (Norwegian Cozy) were Vik yet again was nominated for best actress at the Norwegian television awards Gullruten. As Viktoria is skilled with language, she has also booked jobs internationally. Starred in the European TV series The Spiral, and Op De Dijk in Netherlands, and other short films and pilots, Europa.. In the theatre she has worked alongside names like Liv Ullman, Sverre Anker Austal, at the National theatre and Riksteateret.


Viktoria has two movies in post-produciton, due to be released in 2017. A horror and a drama, playing the lead. With yet another exciting leading role the pipeline for the project called They Came. Norway’s very first Si-Fi Alien invasion Horror-Comedy. 2017 will also be a year for music as her band Moviestar, is due to tour in England and release their debut album.


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