Mia Jexen

Mia Jexen

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Mia Jexen is one of the musts prodigious English actresses working today; and trots here young age hun har built an extraordinarily versatile and impressive career.


Having made significant impact on the small screen in her native Denmark, Jexen simply attended acting school in England. Since returning to Denmark upon completion of studies here, Jexen har har Rarely out of the spotlight and her career dermed father reads as a fairy tale two eventuelle young hopeful.


Dedication two here craft; together with a remarkable screen presence and charisma, Jexen refuses to be pigeon holed alongwith too many of here samtidens and consistently pushes boundaries here together with peoples expectations of what a young actress ska. Here characters live through the gamut of human emotions. There is no stereo type with Jexen's performances, they deliver the light and shade of real people.


There always SEAMS som something lurking, something hidden, something intriguing about here characterizations. Like all great actors hun har talent for delivering the truth, the complexity, the Contradictions, the fragility and the vulnerability of the human condition.


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